When it comes to kratom, it’s important that every supplier follows American Kratom Association (AKA) standards of packaging and manufacturing so that the product customers receive is fresh, useful, and healthy. Customers may not have to worry themselves about packaging kratom, but the way your kratom is packaged can tell you a lot about your supplier — mainly how reliable they might be. So for your edification, here’s everything you need to know about compliant kratom packaging and what to look for:

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Good Manufacturing Practice

The FDA does not consider kratom to be medicine, so it doesn’t regulate kratom or the way it’s packaged. However, the AKA does uphold the same standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) that the FDA typically does for products it regulates. In the case of kratom, packaging guidelines are similar to packaging guidelines for hemp or marijuana in states where marijuana is legal.

Sealed and Tamper-Free

One of the most important elements to the package is that it be sealed and tamper free. This helps to instill customers with confidence that no one was able to open their package of kratom, tamper with it in a potentially harmful way, and hide the evidence of doing so. Tamper free tape can help here, as well as a seal. Kratom is also vacuum packed to ensure freshness.


Kratom doesn’t come in single use packages. Once you’ve had a standard dose of kratom, you want to be able to ensure that the remaining kratom in the package stays fresh for as long as you have it. That’s why it’s important that the package be resealable. Often after the initial tear at the top, the pouch contains a zipper which can be securely resealed so that your kratom stays fresh until you’re ready to use it.

Child Proof

While kratom might have many benefits to adults, it’s not a great idea for children.

Kratom also tastes quite bitter, which helps as a child deterrent. If you have children and you take kratom for yourself, you might be put at ease to know that kratom is packaged to be childproof so that kids stay out of it. Child-resistant pouches are often tested by third parties to ensure safety and security.

Opaque and Light Resistant

Did you know exposure to UV light and Heat can actually have a diminishing impact on the potency and freshness of your kratom? That’s why kratom will often be delivered in a brown paper pouch, something that resists light and is completely opaque. This helps to protect the freshness of the product and ensures that you’re getting the most for the dosage you take.

It’s also important for the package to have clear information about the product, the strain itself, and any disclaimers that might be necessary. Every package should be something that a first-time kratom user could look at and feel informed and confident in their choice.

At 30A Kratom, we take care in the way we package kratom. If you have any more questions for us about the safety measures we take to ensure you have a useful, fresh, and potent product? Contact 30A Kratom today for more information or come by our store on 30A.