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Pain relief is just one of the many benefits that kratom offers. But not all kratom strains have the same effects. Some are more effective as stimulants, while others shine as stress relief or pain relief. If you’re seeking out kratom for a particular issue, such as pain relief, it’s best to know which strains will be the most effective to help. When it comes to pain relief, here are some of the best kratom strains to help:

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Red Bali

Red Bali kratom is unique as it is not as stimulating as other Green Strains. It’s very relaxing often used to boost your mood, but it can be a great way to help relieve pain as well. It’s analgesic, so it relieves the intensity of the pain. This is the strain most recommended for replacing opioid pain killers. With the pain relieved, your mood naturally improves. You’ll find yourself with gentle boosted energy, productivity, and cognitive function. Red Bali is best taken in moderate dosage, as a strong dosage can have an adverse effect to your cognitive function. Red Bali is often taken by field workers in Southeast Asia to keep them energized and motivated even into the evening without disrupting their sleep, despite the physical work. Most field workers in underdeveloped countries have no health care or health insurance, and many are forced to work even in their old age. They use Kratom to reduce fatigue and pain associated with manual labor.

Red Bali kratom is the most popular kratom strain for relieving pain. It’s a potent strain and it has high pain relieving properties. It takes effect quickly, often as soon as 20-25 minutes, and it can relieve pain for 5-7 hours. In addition, it’s a moderate sedative, so you can take this kratom before bed to get the sleep necessary to heal your body and further naturally relieve your pain.

White Indo

White Indo kratom works in a similar way to red Bali kratom. It’s highly potent with strong pain-relieving properties but is not as sedating. Its like effects are somewhere between the high energy green strains and the more relaxing red Bali. This is an excellent strain for those that don’t want the sedative effects of red Bali but also may feel overstimulated when taking the high energy green stains that serve as more of a stimulant, such as the Green Maeng Da strain, Jong Kong or Malaysian strains.

Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da is one of the most common strains of kratom that you can find on the market, and also one usually the most powerful, with strong energizing effects, It’s a very effective pain reliever. available in both powder and capsule. The major benefit here is the long-lasting nature of the pain relief and the energy it provides. Green Maeng Da also has mood-boosting properties, to help your emotional wellbeing while soothing your physical ailments.

Green Jong Kong

The effects of Green Jong Kong kratom can last for as long as 10 hours, offering you a real reprieve from your pain. If you have a busy work schedule, this could be the kratom you take to wind down after work without quite making you want to sleep in the way that stronger sedatives might. Green Jong Kong is also excellent at relieving stress, which can exacerbate pain at times. Green Jong Kong is grown in the rainforests in the middle of Indonesia along the riverbeds, and the different growing climates give this strain some unique properties.

Overall, if you’re looking for just pain relief, look for red strains of kratom and if your looking for energy and pain relief, take take a look at the Green Maeng Da and Green Jong Kong. A good balance in the middle of these strains is the white Indo. Make sure to ask your kratom supplier about the different strains.  Contact 30A Kratom today for more information, or come by our store to see our selections.