About Us

We are a local family-owned store specializing in providing the very highest quality freshest Kratom to Santa Rosa Beach, 30-A and the surrounding areas. Our Kratom is sourced from a multi-generational organic Kratom farm in Indonesia. The Farm is family owned and they have chosen to grow kratom instead of the dominant crops, palm oil, and rubber. Your purchase with us improves these farmer’s quality of life in Indonesia. Our Kratom is fresher and more potent than anything you will find. We carry several different strains, all with slightly different characteristics. Be sure and stop by! We love talking to people.

We also provide recovery coaching services but in a different capacity than what you might be familiar with. Dan has developed a recovery program by which you can painlessly taper of opioid drugs. Whether your goal is abstinence or you are suffering from chronic pain, we can help you in a more holistic way than what’s available in the modern medical system. If complete abstinence is not an option for you Dan can also show you how to do a tolerance reset. This can be very helpful for chronic pain sufferers who are trapped in a cycle of escalating pain medication.

We also believe in “Art as Therapy”. We specialize in the use of rare earth pigments in the ancient art of Encaustic Wax painting. Encaustic Wax is beeswax mixed with Damar Resin, a natural tree sap from Asia. The use of rare botanicals and earth pigments laid into encaustic wax is one of the oldest known painting methods. The clarity and the translucence of the wax combined with the high light refractory of the Damar Resin to is used highlight the beauty of the ingredients and also to make a statement. We sell art and also teach Encaustic Painting Lessons.

To learn more about us, please come in a visit us in the store or give us a call! We look forward to meeting you.

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