Recovery Coaching

Dan Valentine is a health coach, supplement expert and a recovering addict who suffered for many years with opiate addiction and comes from a family where opiate addiction was rampant. Dan spent more than 10 years of searching, studying and personal experimentation to find a cure for himself. He tried everything from traditional rehab and AA, to psychedelic plant medicine from Africa to IV mega-vitamin therapy and lots of things in between. The breakthrough came when Dan began to study brain nutrition and orthomolecular medicine. The story of orthomolecular medicine led him to the past to research the way addiction was treated before big pharma corrupted the drug treatment industry. Dan took everything he learned combined it with his own experience of alternative treatments and developed a simple, safe and highly effective protocol for getting people off opiates without the pain and suffering of opiate withdrawals. Once learned, the system can be used over and over.

Daniel Valentine Owner 30A Kratom

We believe in empowering people with the knowledge and skills to take control of their recovery and take back power over their lives!

The program is called the Ascorbate Taper. Using Vitamins and certain plants, along with daily coaching with Dan, you can near painlessly taper off your opioid drugs in 8-10 days. You can also eliminate Post-Acute Withdrawals and cravings. For people in Chronic Pain, maybe being completely drug free is not an option, but we can teach you how to do a tolerance reset.

I spent 10 years using drugs and then 10 years trying to figure out how to control my addiction and quit opioids. I traveled around the world and talked to experts wherever I could find them outside of the United States corrupt medical system. I spent alot of time and a lot of money. You dont have to go through all of that, because you have me.

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